Kat and Que here! Welcome to our new blog, “Out of Sight”. We had this idea because we thought maybe we could help people who were in a situation similar to us. If you aren’t in a similar situation that’s fine too. We’re hoping that you will find something to inspire you and to give … More Welcome!

Retreating from the world to better face the world

In just about every religion or tradition, there is a story of someone retreating from the world to better prepare themselves for trials that lie ahead. There is no shame in that. Things have been getting progressively worse with her depression and anxiety. Every little sound makes her afraid. She is scared of just about … More Retreating from the world to better face the world

Bad Things Happen

So you may think that’s pretty obvious. Bad things happen. Okay, so that’s true. So what? Well, as obvious as it may seem to you, sometimes I completely forget all about it. Maybe it’s the way I was raised or some faulty wiring in my brain due to my illness. I have no idea. But … More Bad Things Happen


Ever feel like you’re alone in the world when you go through week after week of no one calling you or wanting to spend time with you and you end up just binge watching Netflix by yourself day after day? Yeah, that’s me right now. My best friend in the entire world recently came back … More Friend(less)

Moving Day(s)

I’ve moved! I’m now in my own apartment instead of living with my parents and, even though I haven’t been here a whole day yet, it feels fantastic to be out on my own with my hubby and pets again. Everyone is settling in nicely and we just have tons of boxes everywhere but I … More Moving Day(s)

Saying Goodbye

Today hasn’t been the best day.  It started out all right, got pretty good for a while, and then everything just got dashed against the rocks.  My mother in law’s dog died today of heat exhaustion. And then she couldn’t handle taking care of Sarabi, the dog I rescued, and so another foster family came … More Saying Goodbye


So I’m in the “numb phase” of my latest depressive episode and it SUCKS. It’s so hard to explain to people too. How do you explain that you just don’t feel much of ANYTHING? It’s not that you don’t care. It’s not that there’s something wrong with them or how they’re presenting their ideas to … More Numbness