Update: I am not dead.


Sorry that we have been away! Things are not always as they seem here. We have had some good news and some bad news.

Good newsish: It may not be bipolar.

Bad News. Lots of Anxiety for her. So much so that after a triggering social event, she lost all control over her muscles with spasms and we ended up at the hospital. It turns out it was her first major anxiety attack. She lost the ability to talk but regained most of her other functions. She had some difficulty moving about, lumbering and slow almost like Frankenstein. We got her an MRI and we are still waiting for results a week later. After I got home from work the day of her MRI, she was able to talk. She was really excited and called both her parents. After which she went back to being mute. Things have been getting better in that aspect so she is now able to talk except when she gets loopy on drugs.

That’s all good but her anxiety is still kicking her butt. She has had some Agoraphobia that has made it difficult for her to get out.

Luckily, the good news is that everything is treatable and we have some very adaptive people to help.

So updates may not be as often as we like but we do care.

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