Retreating from the world to better face the world

In just about every religion or tradition, there is a story of someone retreating from the world to better prepare themselves for trials that lie ahead. There is no shame in that. Things have been getting progressively worse with her depression and anxiety. Every little sound makes her afraid. She is scared of just about everything. Almost every night there have been a merry-go-round slew of hallucinations and anxiety attacks. The breaking point was the night she sat on the couch and hid under a blanket saying she just “couldn’t do it”. I asked her what it was and she eventually told me “everything, life.” We talked to both her counselor and psychiatrist who encouraged her to do the smart thing by looking into going to a mental hospital. We were referred to one yesterday. Katie did her research on it and just had a general sense of peace that this was the right thing to do.

We went in for a consultation at the mental hospital. After many hours and interviews for her, they admitted her and is having her stay for at least 72 hours. There she is going to get the full treatment to beat back the disease that has taken her life.  Just as anyone with cancer needs treatment, so does she especially when her disease is so severe. So I will try and post updates on progress but no guarantees.

I also need to take care of myself first before I take on extra things. So if she or I dont put in new articles often enough, know that we are taking care of ourselves so we can do better and be better.

If you or anyone you know has struggled with mental illness for quite a while, even with counseling and medicine, it might be time to consider going to a hospital to take care of yourself. It isn’t just the right thing, it’s the smart thing to do.

Hope you have a fantastic day and be excellent to each other.


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