Moving Day(s)

I’ve moved! I’m now in my own apartment instead of living with my parents and, even though I haven’t been here a whole day yet, it feels fantastic to be out on my own with my hubby and pets again. Everyone is settling in nicely and we just have tons of boxes everywhere but I guess that’s to be expected. 

We got a lot of help from our families who both live in the area but we’ve moved far enough away that they’re not just going to pop by for a visit. Which is good. 

Amazingly I did NOT have a breakdown! I attribute that mostly to my new medication that I’m on and also to my husband who is awesome at making me feel better. 

Today was busy so this is mostly just an update on my life. We went shopping and spent a TON of money buying food to stock our new place but at least we have food! There’s a REALLY dumb bird next to us that squawks whenever it feels like but I suppose I’ll get used to that. 

I’ll be posting more on how I’m handling all the stress of moving as I go along! I have a few ideas planned out that I’m looking forward to talking about so be sure to stay tuned!

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