Saying Goodbye

Today hasn’t been the best day. 

It started out all right, got pretty good for a while, and then everything just got dashed against the rocks. 

My mother in law’s dog died today of heat exhaustion. And then she couldn’t handle taking care of Sarabi, the dog I rescued, and so another foster family came and took her away today with hardly any warning. All of this happening hasn’t been exactly helping my pre-moving stress and has just reminded me of one of the worst things that’s ever happened to me- losing my first dog when I went away to college. It’s been probably about 4 years now but I’m still not over it. 

Rescuing Sarabi gave my life back some purpose when I was in a really rough patch with everything. I knew I had to wake up in the morning to go see her and train her and help her get better. And she reminded me of when I rescued my first dog from a terrible situation. I know I shouldn’t have but I got too attached and I was hoping my in laws would actually keep her so I could be in her life a bit longer. 

And now she’s gone. We’ve requested updates so that will help a little. I barely got there in time today to say goodbye to her. She was so happy to see me. It broke my heart to know she probably won’t see me again. 

But I wish her well and I hope she has a fantastic life. She’ll be with me forever. 


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