Dog Washing Is Important

I know. You’re probably wondering what the heck I’m going on about. But I’ll explain.

I just washed my dog. He’s been having issues with flea bites (not actually having fleas) since the way his flea medicine works is the fleas have to bite him before they get poisoned and die. So he’s been suffering for a few weeks now since I just got back from vacation and he stayed at Grandma’s house where they have more fleas in their yard.

Now that sounds awful. And it is. I hate seeing him suffer like this. But there’s an up side and that’s where the dog washing comes in.

Because he’s been suffering, I’ve felt way more sympathetic to him and he hasn’t bothered me as much when he gets in trouble like he always does. (He’s too smart for his own good.) And, because he’s been suffering for so long, I managed to get over my fear of calling people on the phone and called his veterinarian to see what could be done. They told me to give him Benadryl and to give him a bath with oatmeal shampoo to soothe his skin.

That’s where the dog washing came in.

So I got to serve my dog today. And because of all this, I feel accomplished, like I’m okay in the world and I have a place. Which is the best part because I hardly ever feel like that.

I recently read something on Tumblr that basically said something like this.

“Sometimes I’m like “why am I still here?” but then I realize that I’m often the only one around to take bad-to-eat stuff out of my dog’s mouth and I think there’s this sort of Western idea that “if you’re not CEO you’re nothing special” but my dog is still alive because of me and I’m still alive because of other people so maybe I’m just here to pet cats and wear sweaters and help people take the glass out of their mouth, you know? And I think that’s pretty okay, you know? “

-inkskinned on Tumblr

And I think that says it really well. That’s why dog washing is important. It gives us a sense of reason, of being. Because the dog needs to get washed and we’re the only ones who can do it. So we have a purpose. We aren’t here just for nothing. Even if we’re just here to wash the dog that still proves we have a reason to be here.

And that’s a perfect lead in to why I think pets are essential for everybody but I won’t go into that now.

Have a picture of my freshly washed puppy dog to cheer you up and make my point. He was so gosh dang happy after his bath! (Yes that is a flossing thingy near his foot. I didn’t notice it until after I took the picture.)

2 thoughts on “Dog Washing Is Important

  1. Your dog is adorable! I love your take on things. I feel the same way about my relationship with my dog. Even when I feel like my worlds falling apart, to her, I’m still her whole world.. And she thinks I hung the moon. It’s therapeutic.


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