Having A Hard Time Lately

I’m really unsure of what to say. I want to write on here every day but lately I haven’t had anything positive to say. I don’t want to write to complain or drag people down. I want to write to lift people up, to help inspire them with what I’m going through. But I haven’t felt inspirational lately.

So here I am, writing mostly for the sake of writing. These past few days have been the best but at the same time the worst. I rescued a dog on Monday (something I’ll write about more later) and I’ve been training her almost every day since, which I love doing.

But at the same time, my family is doing a lot of the things that I can’t handle and that I hate. And I’m not sure how to cope with it or what to do. I don’t feel safe. I don’t feel loved. And those are things that I just…I can’t deal with very well.

I will say this: I have an AMAZING husband.

He’s pulled me through these last few days with remarkable strength and courage. I don’t know what I’d do without him, honestly. I’m hoping he’ll write another post on here soon so he can share his story with ya’ll more.

But for now, I’m exhausted and I need to either rest or do something to stay active. Great choices, right? I’ll be trying to post more soon, I promise.

Thank you for your continued support even through my tough days. It always makes me smile to see my blog posts favorited or commented on.

3 thoughts on “Having A Hard Time Lately

  1. Hi, I just wanted to say that I’m glad you decided to post this even though you say you only try to post when you have something inspiring to say. As someone who was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder it’s actually very comforting to read about other people, who may be having a tough time, because it so often reflects my constant struggle with emotions and everything that goes with it (expressing them, handling and being overwhelmed by them, and just overall being uncertain with how to deal with them). Not that I’m saying I’m glad you’re having a tough time, that’s not at all what I mean (I’m starting to ramble now), the point was that I appreciate your post because it reminds me that I’m not alone and that other people are scared and confused and overwhelmed at times, it helps me to connect with other people and to remind myself that it’s okay to not quite be okay all the time. I’m glad you have such a great husband that is able to support you, I hope to find myself as lucky as you who will love me and deal with all my craziness. πŸ™‚

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  2. Thank you for posting even just this. I appreciate the energy it takes to even write a post when your exhausted.
    It’s so helpful to me to read this though since I am in the same boat. Being brave enough to say the vulnerable parts helps give people like me courage so I just want to say thank you.
    I hope your boat finds some calmer waters soon and that your support network deepens.


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