All things start small

Honestly it is hard to talk about or get together the motivation to write an article. Not because I am depressed or anything but because it’s not in my nature. I wanted to take a few minutes to delve back into the past to when I first met Katie and our history from then. I met her through church, we were friends. I hardly saw her though, She was mostly a friend of my sister. I didn’t realize we had anything till one day when I had some kind of phantom pain that matched up to what Katie had just done to herself the other day in an ice skating accident. It made me look at her again a second time and something began to stir. Something I hadn’t felt so passionately in quite a while. We eventually started dating and it became a daily ritual to call her every day at 5pm as I sat in my car before going in for more classes. She told me about her depression and how frustrating her life was. I listened with a sympathetic ear though I had no idea what to do other than say”uhuh” “yeah”, etc. You get the picture, we were a regular high school sweet heart couple. Unfortunately, we went to different schools. We maybe only saw each other maybe twice a week. Once on Wednesday and once on Sunday.  We also got to go to church hosted dances, where I would always try to make her feel special. I was pretty popular for my dance floor prowess, or at least I like to think so. We dated steadily for the rest of high school and onwards. It was awesome. It was also awesome to hold hands, kiss, hug, and all the other cute things couples do. Now things are different and alot more complicated as well as confusing. I hold onto the fact that the girl I love is still there even though she fights to define her own identity and her bipolar. I just hope that she will remember that I am there for her too, forever.

QK prom

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