Inside Out

Every emotion has its place. If I learned one thing from the new movie “Inside Out” then that’s what it is.

So I just saw the movie “Inside Out”! It was FANTASTIC. (I definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone.) So this post might contain spoilers, just as a warning.

I was really impressed by the overall movie. It made me laugh and cry and feel all sort of emotions. But one thing it really did for me was help me understand myself and my own emotions. When Riley’s islands started crumbling and disappearing, I wondered if that had happened to me. Did I use to be goofy and fun to be around? Did I use to enjoy certain things but now just don’t? How much has my depression and bipolar really taken away from me?

Before the movie explained everything and finished, that’s what I was thinking, and I was crying thinking that I could never get those back. But, as the movie came to a close, Riley got to make new core memories and that built an even BETTER island than before, a mix of everything she had been all mixed into one. And I was relieved. Maybe I can get back what I’ve lost. And maybe it’s not so much me recovering what I’ve lost so much as I’m remaking myself into something better.

Another thing I LOVED about the movie was that it made it abundantly clear that sadness has a purpose. Without sadness there is no understanding of joy. I think a lot of us who are depressed forget that and instead fear or even detest being sad. We see it as a weakness (I know I do) or as something to get rid of entirely. But what we forget is that sadness is there for a reason. Sometimes something upsets us and we need to let it out. And that’s okay.

It’s okay to not be okay.

I think we forget that. And that was one of the things I loved about the movie. It was okay for Riley to not be okay. Her parents still loved her and even though crying didn’t change her situation, it helped her through it and it helped her connect with her family and those who loved her. Sadness HELPED.

Even if you think that you hate being sad, that you never want to be sad another day in your life because you’ve experienced it too much, go watch this movie. Remember and realize that you need sadness, even if you don’t want to admit it. Just don’t let her run your life without Joy at her side.

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